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Todoist Black Friday Deals Summary 

With the upcoming Black Friday Sale of 2021, expect discounts that you will not find year-round anywhere. Todoist is one of those companies that will be offering these remarkable discounts on Black Friday on their plans.

Get Todoist and better organize aspects of your life and work; no one likes a mess! Do not miss this opportunity to get the best deal this year on one of the world's best productivity app!

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Everyone one of us, most likely, has have had a room so dirty that it just depressed us on some level. Right after you clean up that mess and organize everything perfectly, does it not just uplift your mood by a tenfold?


That is what Todoist wishes to achieve. Todoist is a simple yet effective to-do list software that helps you keep organize everything in your life in a confidence-inducing manner. 

Todoist Black Friday

It allows you to jot down everything you need to do, from simple tasks such as picking up milk to calling up your boss or wishing your mother a happy birthday. It will provide you with a clear overview of everything on your plate and all that needs to be done.

Todoist is currently used by around 25 million people worldwide to organize, manage, and collaborate on projects, ranging from personal to professional and big to small.

Todoist Black Friday Discount

Todoist is one of the best task management software out there, and they are going to be offering a fantastic discount this Black Friday. The discount is expected to range from 50% to 80%!

With that said, no official announcement has been made from Todoist, so that that number could vary, but it should give you a reasonable rough estimate of what to expect.



For starters



SAVE 90%

  • Up to 80 projects
  • Up to 5 people per project

For pros



per month
billed annually

SAVE 74%

  • Up to 300 projects
  • Up to 25 people per project
  • Reminders
  • Comments & file uploads
  • Labels & filters
  • Productivity trends

For teams



per month
billed annually

SAVE 74%

  • Up to 500 projects
  • Up to 50 people per project
  • Team inbox
  • Admin & member roles
  • Team billing
  • Priority support

Todoist Black Friday Plans &Pricing

As we read above, the discounted price is yet to be revealed but till then, let us familiarise ourselves with the plans, their prices and the features they offer:

Todoist did a great job by giving something to everyone. There are 3 plans in total: Free, Premium, and Business. These 3 plans can satisfy most of their customers as at least 1 of these plans would very quickly meet your needs. Let us start with the Free Plan.

1. Free Plan ($0, forever)

The Free plan is created for casual users or, as Todoists calls them, "Starters." I would pick Squirtle. Pokemon puns aside, this plan offers you the following benefits:

  • Up to 80 projects
  • Up to 5 people per Project
  • Recurring due dates
  • Task priorities
  • Integrations

That is not a huge list, and it is not impressing anyone but does a decent job for "starters." Some key features like a project limit, reminders, comments, and labels are missing, but that isn't much of a loss seeing how you are not exactly paying them anything.

Besides, you could always move up a plan if those things are important to you. Speaking of which, let us look at the next plan.

2. Premium ($36 per year) ($4 per month but only available on iOS/Android)

The Premium plan is for all you "pros" out there. Moving up from the Free plan, you will see a significant jump in the number of features that are not available. Including all the benefits of the Free plan, you are getting:

  • Up to 300 projects
  • Up to 25 people per Project
  • Reminders
  • Comments & file uploads
  • Labels & Filters
  • Productivity trends
  • Premium themes
  • Automatic backups
  • Add tasks via email
  • Calendar sync
  • Project templates
  • Activity log
  • Priority support

As you can see for yourself, it is quite a significant jump! The Premium plan offers you all the benefits and features that you want and need. However, if this falls short, you should consider moving up the tier list to the next plan: Business.

3. Business ($6 per person per month or $60 per person annually)

The Business plan is marketed towards business, and seeing the features it offers; it is evident why. It offers you all the features of Premium plus:

  • 500 projects per user
  • 50 people per Project
  • Team inbox
  • Admin & member roles
  • Team billing
  • Priority support

All these plans are compatible with all your devices after purchase: Windows, iOS, and Android.

How to get Todoist Black Friday deals?

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on Sign-Up.
  • Step 3: Sign in to your account and then go to the Pricing section.
  • Step 4: Choose the plan that is best suited for your needs.
  • Step 5: Fill in the required details, and you are good to go!

Features of Todoist


The bread and butter of a To-do-list depend upon tasks, so it is not surprising that it is one of the key features of Todoist is the ability to add Tasks.

The thing that is amazing about Todoist is how easy and convenient it is to add a task. You can add a label, set a date, set a reminder, and set a priority simultaneously.

2. Next 7 days

Pretty self-explanatory what this feature allows you to do. Next 7 days, you can see what you have lined up for the upcoming 7 days. This feature gives you a broader view of your week and lets you plan things accordingly.

3. Projects

So, primarily, Todoist is a project management app, so naturally, there will be a feature that allows you to add Projects. You can add Projects by pressing the +Add Project. After that, give it a name and assign it a color. You can also add group projects.

Todoist Black Friday

4. Inbox

According to Todoist, your Inbox is the default place to add a new task so you can get them out of your head and come back later to organize them. It is like your own diary.

Just write whatever pops in your head down, save it for later, and focus on completing whatever task you were doing. 

5. Integrations

I believe this is one of the key features that most work-related applications should have. Most of us do not use just one application, so the ability to link with other apps makes things move along easier. Todoist can link up with famous apps like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, and more.

6. Labels

The feature Labels are there to add a visual element to the software, so it doesn't get all wordy. That is not exactly a bad thing, but some people, for sure, would love the addition of labels.

You can assign Labels to your tasks, and they can mean whatever you want them to, so, for example, if a red label means urgent, you know you need to get this task done right now with just a glance.

About Todoist

Todoist is a top-ranked productivity and project management application used for both professional and personal use. It helps its 25 million users organize and manage their tasks and projects to make them seem much more "manageable," and they can do so from a smartphone, tablet, or computer (Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS).

Todoist Black Friday

Todoist was created back in 2007 by a startup called Doist, and it was launched in January of 2007 by Amir Salihefendic. Soon after, it was named the "startup of the week" by ReadWriteWeb.

Todoist has been in the game for 13 years now and, as they say, "have no intention of selling out or getting acquired." They are used by some of the world's most prominent organizations, like Netflix, Apple, Nasa, Facebook, and more.

Pros and Cons

Honestly, there is not much negative that I can think about this app. It is near perfect, and I use it myself and have very much enjoyed my experience with it. However, it is essential to look at things from an objective standpoint, and that is exactly why this section of the article exists. Let us start with the good things first:


  • Ability to link up or integrate with other applications
  • Good looking and simple to use interface
  • Significant discounts for eligible students and educators, and nonprofits
  • Multi-device syncing
  • A Free trial is always a plus point


  • The Free version is minimal
  • Completed tasks disappear. I know that is the point. However, I would have preferred if they were archived for a duration of maybe 2-3 days. Maybe just an individual preference thing, though.


That wraps up this article. Todoist is a fantastic project management tool for businesses and individuals alike. I use it myself as I often have trouble organizing all the things I have to get done in a day/week.

Todoist certainly helped me a lot by helping me get rid of that cluster and rearranging it in a feasible and manageable way.

The upcoming Black Friday discount on it is something I believe one should, for sure, consider at the very least. Even putting that aside, the prices are relatively low when compared to its competition. That is it!

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