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Thrive Black Friday Deals Summary 

Thrive themes does not offer any special deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You can only get deals when Thrive Themes offers that one.

You can save upto 24% buying a Thrive Theme membership or agency membership. We hope that you are aware that thrive theme is perfect for conversion-focused websites or blogs.

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So, before we begin, let us address something you might have caught onto already. Thrive does not ever offer a Thrive Black Friday Sale nor a Cyber Monday sale. 

Now comes the question in your mind, am I click-baiting you right now? Well, yes, technically speaking, but also no. I get that is confusing, but it will all make sense if you hear me out. Thrive offers you a discount; they just do not offer a Thrive Black Friday Sale Coupon or Cyber Monday.

They never have. Before we go any further and tell you why you should make the best of this discount as soon as possible, allow me to enlighten you about Thrive. What it is, what it does, and why you should choose it.

Thrive Black Friday Discount

Above I mentioned the company's entire product portfolio, and now, it is time to talk about why they do not offer any Thrive Black Friday Sale coupons or Cyber Monday. Instead of offering a Thrive Black Friday Sale, what they are doing since 2017 is, Thrive Theme does an "UnBlackFriday" special.

This special day is obtainable worldwide, starting in the ANAT time zone and ending in SST. In easy terms: no matter where on the globe you are, as long as it is Friday when you get it, you are set!

Thrive themes follow a different philosophy than most other companies out there, and you know what? I love it. They provide us with the following reasons why they do not offer seasonal discounts or Thrive Black Friday coupons. And spoiler, it is not that they do not care.

1. Fairness, Buyer's Remorse & Overpriced Products

Thrive wishes to satisfy all their customers and do not want them to suffer "Buyer's remorse." They say the reason why they do not feel guilty about not offering Thrive Black Friday sale discount is that they do not wish just to make their customers happy on a Friday, rather throughout the year!

That is why their products are not overpriced. Glancing at comparison pages, one can easily see how they offer tons of value at a very competitive price point.

They claim that many companies might charge you more despite offering you less than what they do.

2. Rapid Implementation

I very much agree with the philosophy here. Like humans, entrepreneurs, specifically here, to perhaps wait for a sale to purchase a product that would improve their business.

However, the time you spent waiting for a deal is a waste. And if it is a product that is well out of your bounds, only available during a sale, you would not be able to afford it once the sale is over.

That is why Thrive believes in offering you a solution to all your problems at a rate that is acceptable to you without some crazy, massive discount. They promote not procrastinate.

3. Congruent Value

They explained it the best, so I quote: "Take a smartphone, for example. When it's brand new, the phone is at the peak of its value. The more time passes, the more outdated the technology becomes and the lower the value of the phone, compared to other, newer entries in the market.

With Thrive Themes products, we strive to do the exact opposite. This is why we do special offers when we launch a new product. At the very beginning, you can get the product for a lower price.

This is not unfair to anyone, since no one paid a higher price for the same thing, previously."

Thrive Theme PLans & Pricing Comparsion

Thrive Membership




Pay once every 12 months

  • add upto 25 websites
  • use all of Thrive's Plugins
  • 1 year customer support
  • Free updates

Agency Membership





Pay once every 12 months

  • add upto 50 websites
  • use all of Thrive's Plugins
  • 1 year customer support
  • Free updates

Thrive Membership




Pay once every 3 months

  • add upto 25 websites
  • use all of Thrive's Plugins
  • 1 year customer support
  • Free updates

Agency Membership





Pay once every 3 months

  • add upto 50 websites
  • use all of Thrive's Plugins
  • 1 year customer support
  • Free updates

Thrive theme Pricing

As we discussed below, Thrive takes much pride and honor in their pricing, and it isn't unwarranted as they have set the prices just right.

For top-of-the-ladder products, you are not paying an extreme amount, only what is fair. That's why it is much better, at least in my opinion, than any coupon codes.

Thrive offers 2 types of subscription plans: Individual Membership and Agency Membership.

1. Individual Membership

Thrive Individual Membership is for individuals and is priced at $19 per month. Now, one might think that is a lot seeing how everyone came with hopes of an unreasonable discount, just you wait. All that you get here makes it reasonable.

  • The ability to add Thrive Theme to 25 websites.
  • Availability of all of Thrive's Plugins.
  • One year of customer support.
  • Free updates as they come out for life.
2. Agency Membership

Agency Membership is for agencies. With a price tag of $49 per month if paid annually. It offers you the following features.

  • The ability to use Thrive Themes on up to 50 websites.
  • Availability of all Thrive's Plugins.
  • One year of customer support.
  • Free updates as they come out for life.

Now, I suppose it's time to get to the point.

Thrive Black Friday DEALS and Coupons

As mentioned before, they do not offer any coupons, and probably, as per their word, will never. However, they do offer Thrive Themes for all new and existing consumers at a discounted rate.

If you purchase Thrive Themes and opt for five websites or 15 user licenses or pay annually, you are offered those services at a discounted price. The rule of thumb here to follow is: the more you buy, the lesser the overall price gets.

So, it is smarter to buy more licenses to get a more massive discount. Now, the discount isn't set and varies item to item, with a range of 20% to 85%. 

Thrive Black Friday

Thrive Themes Discount: Thrives themes do not offer any coupons, as we mentioned, instead, it provides you with discounted rates. If you opt for an annual plan, choose for five websites or 15 user licenses, you can get it at the discounted price. 

It is impossible to guess the exact amount for obvious reasons; however, it should vary from 10% to 50%! With your Thrive Themes bought, you also get an instant free subscription to Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads Discount: Thrive Leads comes with its special discount. Thrive Leads is a lead generator that adds email collection elements to your web pages. A plugin designed for lead generation. It allows you to create design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests, and more.

Though you do get it free with Thrive Themes, it has its discount as well. However, you are eligible for it only if you select 5 or 15 packages of website licenses. If you do that, as per the data from 2019, you will get a discount of approximately 85%.

Thrive Membership Discount: Thrive Membership gives you an additional discount, on top of their 29% discount if you choose a license for 5 websites, via the Temi Thrive subscription discount.

Select the full Thrive Themes discount rate via the above mentioned Temi Thrive subscription discount if you liked the entire catalog, using 7 out of the 9 items. It does not end there. If you opt for the annual payment, you get a 24% discount.

How to get the Thrive Black Friday dEALS?

  • Go to
  • Choose the most appropriate plan for your website.
  • Click on Add To Cart Button.
  • Fill in your Personal Billing Information.
  • Make sure you have selected the Annual payment option.
  • Get a 24% discount on all Thrive Themes subscription packages.
  • Check out.
  • Be sure to put these handy tools into making a fantastic website!

About Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a well respected and industry-leading conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins provider. It offers you many features and services that allow you to make your website safe.

It heavily based on marketing; what I mean by that is, this company enables you to make a site that's so good. Any use of it, is instantly sold on it—all products, features, and services offered by the company focus on making your website the best.

Thrive Themes offers you the best WordPress Plugins and Themes that serve one purpose and one purpose only: to make your website better to fetch you more users/subscribers.

Features of Thrive

1. Thrive Themes
Thrive Black Friday

Thrive Theme Builder allows you to create and edit your WordPress, fast, and easy. This next-generation visual Theme Builder for WordPress gives you the ability to edit, build, or customize every aspect of your WordPress website in a WYSIWYG fashion.

2. Thrive Architect
Thrive Black Friday

Thrive Architect is one of the best visual editor for WordPress in terms of performance and ease of use. It is very intuitive with the amount of ease it offers. Thanks to its ability to create drag-and-drop layouts, advanced content elements, add buttons, etc.

3. Thrive Leads
Thrive Black Friday

A plugin designed for lead generation. It allows you to create design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests, and more.

4. Thrive Quiz Builder
Thrive Black Friday

Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create fully customized quizzes that can provide you with your clients' valued opinions of your clients.

5. Thrive Comments

With this, your clients can easily offer you their thoughts and feedback and increase engagement.

6. Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimise is a fantastic, must-have, premium add on to Thrive Architect. Thrive Optimise is an A/B testing tool you'll use to get higher conversions on all your key pages.

7. Thrive Ultimatum
Thrive Black Friday

Ah! Ultimatum, the best marketing tool. Thrive Ultimatum is a marketing tool for WordPress (as I just said). As the name would suggest, it gives you the ability to create a countdown campaign to generate scarcity.

8. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation allows you to gather & display testimonials for social proof

9. Smart Widgets

Displays widgets under certain conditions.


  • Thrive Themes offer a ton of plugins, and you can use multiple or just one, as per your desire
  • Plugins are very easy to install and work flawlessly with WordPress. They are easy to install and are hassle-free.
  • The features are quickly added, and news updates along with new features found every week or 2.
  • Their products are genuine and high quality.
  • Thrive Themes provides you with all the required necessities to build a good looking website.
  • From high-quality templates to plugins, help you create the perfect website that is unique and suited as per your needs.
  • Thrive Themes, as per my knowledge and research, are one of the earliest adopters of features like "Explicit Consent Checkbox" along with other such functions as mentioned by the European Union for it to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.


  • Thrive Themes provide you with a website meant for marketing. However, it also limits itself by having a specialization. Without adding extra money to purchase plugins and add-on, you cannot get full, well-rounded site.
  • Limited payment processor options. You have to use external payment cart solutions like ThriveCart, SamCart, or SendOwl.
  • Thrive Themes only works with WordPress, sorry Joomla, or Drupal users.
  • You are going to have to do a lot of research to make the best of it. It is easy; every piece of information is provided; it is merely time-consuming.

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Thrive Themes is one of the best things one can spend their money on if you use WordPress. They not only offer some fantastic plugins, but also are unique in their philosophy of discounts and payments.

There isn't a Thrive Black Friday Sale, but hey, I believe they offer something better. I would have preferred a 30-day free trial, but I suppose a 30-day full money-back guarantee is the same thing with extra steps.

So, do I recommend it? Absolutely. Try it out, see if their features and plugins suit you, and on the off chance you aren't satisfied, well, you can always get your money back.

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