Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals and Offers [Up to 75% OFF]


Are you looking to buy best SEO tools to rank your websites? Then SEO tools Black Friday sale offers great discounts and you can avail the SEO tools at low price.

Since the digital world is growing and in the forthcoming years, online content creation will offer exuberant career prospects, with the ever-increasing creators, the competition will also get tougher. And to get the viewers to your landing page, it is important to use SEO.

SEO is a skill that helps you to make your page rank better on SERPs. It is one of the fundamentals that one has to learn and apply to get quality and organic traffic. Generally, most of the website's traffic is from either social media links or search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is about following a set of rules to allow the search engines to understand the site's content better and rank the page against targeted keywords accordingly.

It is inevitable to ignore SEO tools, and it can be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a website. So this SEO tools Black Friday sale is the best time to buy the SEO tools at discounted price.

SEO TOOLS Black Friday deals

If you wish to take your online presence to new heights, SEO tools are an inevitable investment. Thus, to get your hands on some quality products at discounted prices, you cannot miss the SEO Tools Black Friday and Cyber Monday. SEO Tools Black Friday Sales come once in a year, and this is probably the time to buy your desired products at affordable rates.

The offers might vary from brand to brand, but it is certain that you will get quite a profitable deal during this part of the year.

However, here is a small warning. Since the price will fall down so low, the products get out of stock quite early. So hurry up, and get your hands on premium product SEO Tool without taking a blow on your budget.

Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals 2021

The market is full of SEO tools that come under various brands and companies. Hence, before you invest in a tool, you must know about the features they offer. Based on this, you can select a product of your choice, as per your needs.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of SEO tools that can help you in making the final call –





SEO Tools Black Friday
  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Reporting
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • Campaign Management
  • SEO Auditing
  • Audience Insights
  • Keyword Research
  • SERP Rank Tracking
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Off-Page SEO
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • Built-in Filtering
  • Multiple back-ups
  • Keyword Competitiveness Rating
  • Competitor Analysis
  • KW Rank Tracking
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • SERP History
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Tagging and Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Users & Domains
  • Integrations with Google, Databox
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • Page Optimizer Pro Report
  • Manually written page actions
  • top quality SEO content
  • detailed analysis
  • optimization report
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • NLP entities coverage
  • serp analyzer
  • content editor 
  • keyword research
  • sEO audit
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Reporting
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • Daily Backups
  • SEO Reporting
  • Off-Page SEO
  • updates Ranks
  • Free SEO Expert Tool
SEO Tools Black Friday
  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring

SEO Tools Black Friday Deals From Top Brands


Mangools is an SEO toolset that is made up of 5 different powerful SEO tools. It is popular among bloggers, marketers, SME, or SEO agencies.

The toolset features are keyword searching, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SREP analysis. 

The Mangools also have a browser extension file for Chrome and Firefox. But to access this feature, the user has to pay some considerable amount to buy the premium account. Considering any other toolset, Mangools is a bit cheaper.


  • KWFinder This tool helps the SEOs to see and monitor the competitor ranking among the top keywords. The search results consist of more than 50k locations, which help marketers optimize their websites.
  • SERP Watcher and SERP Checker: These two tools are used by marketers to find out how hard it is to rank on the first page. The SERP tools like click-through rate and detailed SERP review, are beneficial for marketers.
  • LinkMiner: This tool helps the SEOs to backlink analysis by calculating the link strength and showing them potential websites that they are referring to.
  • Site Profiler: This rank tracking tool comes with daily rankings, aggregate metrics that show them the overall process, and interactive, shareable reports.
  • Mangools API: This feature provides important data like search volume, keyword ideas, SEO metrics. With API, the user can process more keywords with high-priority requests.
  • Custom Data Reports: You can get customized reports for your keywords very easily with this feature.  You can get a .csv file with keywords ideas, search volumes, and SEO difficulties.


In its much-awaited SEO Tools Black Friday Sale, Mangools offers 

  • Mangools Basic - $251.16 ($107.64 off)
  • Mangools Premium - $335.16 ($143.64 off)
  • Mangools Agency- $671.16 ($287.64 off)


In keyword research and keyword tracking tools, Mangools is considered one of the best and is counted among the top SEO tools. It doesn't just have a unique design, but also includes promising additional features that add extra points to its ever-growing popularity. 



SEMrush is a software that helps run the digital marketing of SEO. This software helps users run SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), content writing, and social media platforms. It helps to identify trends within the industry applicable.

Also, AIt helps to run the webpage and optimize it for better lead generation. This software helps to identify the top keywords used in different campaigns.

It is helpful for the people associated with the digital marketing platform even if they have limited information about this platform. SEMrush makes the work for the user easier and helps them to understand SEO.


  • Analyze Site Performance: It helps the user to understand their site's performance. It gives the knowledge of how much traffic is present on the site. It also indicates the increase or decrease in traffic.
  • Keywords: This will help the user identify the valuable keywords that can increase the business's needs and help them attend their needs.
  • Traffic Retention: It helps to retain the traffic on the page and attracts new traffic on the page.
  • Backlinks: It helps the user to earn valuable backlinks. It helps the page to earn backlinks from the established sites to earn the trust of Google.


In its SEO Tools Black Friday, SEMrush renders remarkable offers, including

  • Double keyword bundle:  $99.95 ($61 off)
  • Content Marketing Platform: $199.95 (after discount)
  • SEMrush Competitive Research bundle: $199.95 ($100 off)


SEMrush is a splendid substitute for SEO tools with features such as keyword research tracking, SEO audit, and suggestions, backlink analysis, disavow links, and many other impressive ones. With SEMrush, you can easily track the best competitor sites and examine other websites' reviews.



Rankwatch is one of the most important tools used by the user to gather information on their SEO strategy and campaign.

One of the problems working on the SEO platform is the collection of information. Rankwatch makes it easier by doing the research and collecting information about the user's site.


  • Rank Tracking: This software is the ultimate rank tacking for SEO. It ranks the site of the user among more than 177 search engines present on the internet. It is based on the Page Score. 
  • Keyword Archive: This feature provides access to the historical data for keywords through a screenshot of Google's SERP page.
  • CEO Dashboard: This feature gives full access to all the activities to the decision-making authority. Thus, it is convenient to make any changes through this consolidated view in a swift manner.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics: This tool comes with complete integration with Google Analytics. Hence, you have access to all your marketing in a single interface.
  • Backlinks: Through Rankwatch, you can easily compare and include backlinks based on their relevance, category, strength, etc.
  • Website analysis: It compares the optimization of the website by comparing it to the other sites present on the internet. The higher the score, the more the optimization. 
  • Hidden keywords: This software helps to compare the keywords used in the website among the top 100s. This helps in better optimization and an increase in traffic on the page by using the top-rated keywords.


In its awaited SEO Tools Black Friday sale, the company offers incredible deals such as,

  • Rankwatch Small Plan for 3 months - $29 ($297)
  • Rankwatch Medium Plan for 3 months - $74 ($747)
  • Rankwatch Large Plan for 3 months - $134 ($1347)


Rankwatch is none other than the most popular and eagerly accepted SEO tracking tool used by reputed organizations, including RedBus, Make my Trip, Book my Show, and CNN News.

Overall, Rankwatch comes out as an SEO Management platform that enables the multiplication of organic traffic through reporting. It marks one of the best digital marketing solutions for businesses looking for site audits, rank tracking, and search engine visibility.



LongtailPro is a keyword research software. It helps the user to generate thousands of keywords based on the root keyword.

This software helps the user to save an immense amount of time by researching valuable keywords.

Instead of using a single keyword, this software helps the user to use a number of keywords in their site. It has a low monthly search value and is very specific. All these factors combined help in ranking the head term.


  • Multiple Sites: It helps the user to work in multiple sites at a time, thereby reducing time.
  • Keyword generation: It helps the user generate more than 800 keywords based on the user's keyword.
  • Import: It allows the user to import keywords in their spreadsheet. 
  • Keyword Rankings: This tool allows the user to check the ranking of keywords in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Word Completion: This tool helps the user to check the word completion among the sites.


LongtailPro offers the following lucrative deals as a part of its SEO Tools Black Friday sale.

  • LongtailPro Annual Starter Plan – $148.50 ($297)
  • LongtailPro Annual Pro Plan – $268.80 ($737)


LongtailPro is a renowned and widely used SEO tool among bloggers, marketers, and SEO agencies. It is used as a promising tool for keyword research. Started as a desktop tool, LongtailPro is now elevated to the cloud-based system. This tool has the support of Bing, Yahoo, and Google. 



AccuRanker is a software which tracks the rank of the site used by the user.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) allows the user to import the keywords indexed by search engines into a powerful web-based solution. This software's features are always evolving. 


  • Monitoring: With this feature's help, the marketers can monitor the landing search engine given in the indexed form of keywords. It also helps the user to monitor the completion at various data points in the user's account. 
  • Tag Cloud: It helps the user to receive information about all keywords used in the site.
  • Data Filter: Allows the use of extensions which filters the data used on the website. This enables the user to focus their view and access the targeted matrix for the keywords that the user wants to work with.
  • Import Keywords: This tool allows the user to import historical keywords from other SEO tools or a SEV file. 
  • High-Speed Operation: It works at an enormous speed which allows the user to refresh the rankings instantly. This also helps to ensure that the data used for clients are updated.
  • Multiple Users: This feature helps the user to add multiple users without any problem. This makes the work of SEO and marketing easier.


  • 1,000 keywords: $109 per month.
  • 2,000 keywords: $209 per month.
  • 10,000 keywords $649 per month.


For the job of tracking keywords on Google search and Bing, AccuRanker is considered as an undefeated tool. It has numerous powerful and versatile features that include, SERP history and on-demand ranking update methodology.

AccuRanker emerges as a stand-alone SEO tool that can help you with your different SEO needs. Its unique features like Share of Voice (SoV) help you access keyword performance in a better way.


Page Optimizer Pro

The Page Optimizer Pro has recently been a very popular tool for on-page optimization because of its unique features and enhanced performance.

This tool helps you compare your pages with a competitor or even simply identify your SEO errors for correction. Kyle Roof is the co-creator and math behind the on-page SEO evaluation tool Page Optimizer Pro.


  • Recommendation feature - It gives recommendations based on what your competitors are doing.
  • Exact Keyword tool - This tool helps you to know the perfect number of times to use a keyword in different on-page and focuses on creating top-class content to have better customer engagement and user experience.
  • LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing is a tool that calculates the importance of the phrases you use. Also, it keeps a count of the number of times these phrases appear. This tool helps in creating relevant content with the help of LSI phrases.
  • Content Brief Report - This report gives you detailed data on aspects like related keywords, related questions, competitor titles, and more. This report can be downloaded in both PDF and excel format.
  • Alternative Recommendation Tool – Before the recommendation feature, this tool helps you raise your word count and meet your competitors' level. This feature can be used only when you are running out of word count.
  • Site Structure Recommendations - This feature compares your page and those of competitors and comes out with a site structure recommendation.


Page Optimizer Pro offers the following set of splendid deals as a part of its SEO Tools Black Friday sale.

  • 50% discount on the 1-year agency plan.
  • Agency Plan offer -$390 ($780)


As far as on-page tools are concerned, Page Optimizer Pro is counted among the most popular and widely used ones. This affordable tool focuses on the number of keywords to use and suitable places to use them in.

This SEO tool gives you a score out of 100, letting you know where you need to improve. This score depends on the competitors you have chosen.


Surfer SEO

The Surfer SEO was designed by Slawek Czajkowski back in 2008 to help SEO-optimize written content like blog posts and articles.

You can refine your approach to on-page optimization using this tool. It is an easy-to-follow recipe to higher rankings for SEOs, marketers, and content creators.

It uses a data-driven model and reverse engineering to break down the data and analyze 500+ factors that can improve your rankings.


  • SERP Analyzer – It helps you to breakdown your Google's first page in detail. You get to know about several parameters that Google uses to attribute rank to your page.
  • Content editor – This feature scans the content on your first page for LSI keywords and then weave those into your content.
  • SEO Audit - With this feature, the user can optimize old blogs and screen out the things that are working for their site.
  • Keyword Surfer - This plugin is an all-in-one utility with several keyword related data accessible at one spot. You will get all the keyword metrics that can be easily exported as .csv file.
  • NLP: Sentiment Analysis – This tool has a natural language processing feature in-built. It shows you the true density of your page along with related phrases and lets you know the keywords are on positive or negative impacts.
  • Keyword Research - This tool is very similar to any other keyword research tool available in the market. On giving the seed keyword you can find a list of related keywords, it's SERP similarity and search volume.


Surfer SEO offers the following deals in its Black Friday sale.

  • Surfer SEO Annual Basic Plan - $590.4 (30% off)
  • Surfer SEO Annual Pro Plan - $990 (30% off)
  • Surfer SEO Annual Business Plan - $1989.6 (30% off)


Surfer SEO is the best tool, as far as on-page SEO tools are concerned. With its unique algorithms, Surfer reviews all the top 10 ranking websites, then analyzes them over 500 different signals and it finally gives you reviews by comparing them with your website. It is very effective in placing suitable keywords in suitable places. 



The Serpstat gives you a product that increases the productivity of search marketing specialists' and allows your business to have a higher profit by helping you to surpass your other competitors.

In 2013, the Serpstat was founded by Oleg Salamanha and Artem Borodatyuk. In 2015 it was funded by the NETPEAK group and the product became available for people outside the agency.


  • Keyword Research tool – This tool determines the values and collects various keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns and searches for suggestions to expand your semantic core.
  • Search Analytics tool - This tool gives you a landscape analysis between you and your competitors' keywords in leading search results.
  • It lets you identify your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and ideas to improve your business to outpace your competitors.
  • Advertising Analysis researches – This feature works on identifying your competitors' advertising campaigns in AdWords, unveils their budget and strategies, and discovering the highest-performing keywords of your competitors. It also localizes your ads.
  • Content Marketing Ideation tool – This tool suggests you with unique content. It also works on analyzing the number of shares of your content on Facebook and the potential traffic on every webpage.
  • Competitor Research tool – It compares every aspect of your work with your other competitors.
  • Rank Tracking tool - Monitors your and your competitors' webpage rankings daily and gives you advanced analytics.
  • Market Intelligence - Does the research and analyse the success from the domain leaders around your region, country, or around the globe.


In its Black Friday sale for this year, Serpstat offers

  • Serpstat Lite - $48 ($69)
  • Serpstat Standard – $104 ($149)
  • Serpstat Advanced - $209 ($299)
  • Serpstat Enterprise - $349 ($499)


In the arena of keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site audit, Serpstat is unbeatable. For all kinds of SEO, PPC, and content marketing-related jobs, Serpstat is regarded as one of the best.

Adding to its ease usage, Serpstat features a clean UI and UX that helps you jump directly to your desired feature.


Links Management

Links are always an important asset for any business.

The Links Management system helps you with the ability to edit, organize, analyze, and manage all the links of your organization regardless of being a big or small company. 

Being a developer, this product gives you a collaborative, secure, and intelligent short link that can be edited or routed by device, language, date, time of day, and location, thus avoiding any resource intensive-development team.


  • SEO Expert - The links management system gives you an SEO Expert tool that selects the best backlinks of DA40 DA100 from their inventory and can even manage your complete SEO campaign for free.
  • Manual Links placement - With Links Management, you do not get any auto script codes, and the user places 100% of the links. This makes it easier to rank as it appears natural to search engine crawlers.
  • Relevant Backlinks - There is an option to search the backlinks by Keywords. This interface will return highly relevant backlinks. The search results follow a set of parameters to judge the relevance of the backlinks.
  • SEO Calculator - It gives you a complete report and analysis of your SEO. It also reports you about the number of links you need.
  • SEO Mistakes - This system offers you a free tool named SEO Mistakes that gives you a total report of the most damaging, dangerous, and costly SEO errors.
  • Backlinks Checker tool – This tool helps you easily monitor your website's links and determine the quality of the backlinks of your website.


For its trending Black Friday sale, Links management offers

  • 60% bonus against PayPal subscription


As the name implies, Links management is a powerful SEO tool for organic link building services. One can easily get appropriate results in the Google search engine with the help of link building services provided by this tool.

It provides features like free SEO calculator, manual link placement, link purchase with options, relevant backlinks, and huge storage space for websites.


SEO PowerSuite

The most important components of your Search Engine Optimization program can be managed with the help of this SEO software tools.

The combined tools in this software is an easy access program that can overhaul your complete SEO program.

This software's toolkit is made up of tools that contain all the aspects of SEO namely keywords, rankings, backlinks, on-page & content data, mobile SEO, social media, analytics, and reports.


  • Keyword toolbox: You can track unlimited rankings precisely and the ranking progress using this feature. You can research for powerful keywords ideas from 20 different sources and analyze the result.
  • Competitors toolbox: It tracks advanced competitor rank and will give you the competitors' backlink strategy and link the profile on the comparison. Also, it reveals the competitors' SEO tactics.
  • Site toolbox: Locating and fixing the SEO issues gives you the stats for all site's pages. It gives you an audit of the landing page and optimizes the content.
  • Links toolbox : It gives link building opportunities and a list of all your backlinks. Analysis of individual links' quality and overall link profile strength are also done by this tool. It gives you backlink verification and removes the harmful links.


The following deals are available at the Black Friday sale of SEO PowerSuite.

  • SEO PowerSuite Professional Plan - $149.70 ($499)
  • SEO PowerSuite Enterprise Plan – $359.70 ($1199)


It is regarded as an all-in-one SEO tool. For SEO-related processes and works, SEO PowerSuite comes with four different tools. Besides SEO, this tool comes up with unique features to audit your entire website and provide you with a detailed performance report. For all types of SEO-related solution, this tool is considered to be a powerful and result-oriented one. 

Frequently Raised Questions

1. What are the advantages of purchasing SEO tools available on a Black Friday sale?

Black Friday sales bring you a chance to buy SEO tools that you had never given a try before, possibly because they were too expensive. Only during this sale you can purchase all the expensive tools at much low price.

2. Are there SEO tools that offer a money-back guarantee? 

These days, almost every SEO tool offers a money-back guarantee. A Black Friday sale is the perfect time to try and test SEO tools by spending a small amount of money.

You can use these tools for about 15 to 30 days. In case you don't like their service, you get a chance to cancel the subscription and receive a refund. 

3. How long does a website take to get on to the first page of Google?

Search engine optimization is nothing less than a strategy that takes time and is a continuous process. When ranking websites, there are plenty of aspects that are taken into consideration by search engines.

SEO tools can be effectively utilized to increase your website's rank and subsequently get on to Google's first page.

4. How long does it take to start seeing improvements in a website's ranking?

It can take just a few days, a week or even, several months before you start seeing improvements in your website ranking.

Before SEO tools help you with the ranking, they take several factors like your website's current state, keyword competitiveness, and position of your competitors into consideration. 

5. If I am not aware of my competitors, will SEO tools help me out in this case? 

If you are not aware of your competitors, it won't be a problem because SEO tools have been designed to give you the best competitor suggestions. It can be of much help to add at least one competitor to compare your website's performance with it. 

6. Are there SEO tools that can make changes on my website for me? 

There are some SEO tools with a 'Do-it-Yourself' feature. This feature is capable of analyzing your website. It also helps you with your tasks by giving you effective instructions to optimize your website. However, these tools usually don't make changes to your website for you. 

7. How to ensure a particular SEO tool is standing out in the crowd?

For an SEO tool to stand out in the crowd, it must update its recommendations. Moreover, it needs to keep up with the latest guidelines of Google and other search engines. An important aspect of every SEO tool needs to pay attention to who is providing dedicated customer support. 


SEO Tools are one of the fundamental requirements for any digital marketer. But these are generally quite highly-priced. To cut down the expense, Black Friday deals are your best chance to grab a good tool at heavily discounted prices.

You must go through all the features and specifications offered by all these tools and then select the one that suits you the most. It is advised to purchase only from authorized links and platforms to avoid any online fraud.