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SEMrush Black Friday Deals Summary 

If you are looking for buying SEMRush, then the best day is on SEMRush Black Friday deals. You can save a massive amount on your purchase.

SEMrush is an SEO tool used worldwide, on which you can't find any coupons or discounts over the internet. In this article, we bring you great deals of SEMrush Black Friday deals for you.

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Some tools have become so synonymous with blogging that you cannot imagine one without the other. SEMrush is one such tool that helps you thoroughly research the competitors using keywords, traffic, and backlinks to have a well-rounded knowledge of statistics before you plan your advertising for your product or blog. 

Picture this, an SEO tool that has laid everything you need to know about your competitors on the table, including every angle of data used and logical outreach methods. What better time than a sale to check this out and see how well you match this powerful blogging tool?

SEMrush Black Friday Discounts

There is no better time to get yourself a bargain than a SEMrush Black Friday sale. If you want the upper hand in your business, especially when it comes to optimizing it for search engines, this is the right place.

SEMrush offers up to 50% off for SEMrush black Friday among its other deals, including the uber-popular double keyword bundle that entails access to more than 40 tools with keyword position tracking for 500 keywords and regular updates the competitors for $99.95.

Another popular deal includes 30% off on the competitor research bundlethat includes a CI in addition to the tools.

To successfully avail the discount:

  • First and foremost, you need to create your account and find the SEMrush black Friday offer on the website. 
  • You also have several links in the blog section that further elaborate what you are getting for the kits.
  • You can move on to the billing information that includes mentioning your credit card information, login name, email id, and other authentication information.
  • Once your purchase is successful, enjoy domain reports simple organic research. Additionally, keep an eye out for other offers as they also offer specific deals for first-timers.

The best part is, if by chance you miss out on the SEMrush Black Friday sale period, you can always come back during the cyber Monday sale where they repeat the same offers.

They also offer a cyber week, so follow their blog and keep an eye out for these discounts.

SEmrush Plans pricing COMPARISON


For Freelancers, Startups and in-house marketers @ low budget.



  • 10000 Results per day
  • 3000 reports per day
  • 3 projects can be created


For SMB and Growing Marketing Agencies with Pro Features.



  • Check Historical data
  • 5000 reports per day
  • 30000 Results per day
  • 15 Projects Can Be Created


For Agencies, E-commerce projects and Business with an extensive web presence.



  • Check Historical data
  • 50000 Results per day
  • 10000 reports per day
  • 25 Projects Can Be Created


For Freelancers, Startups and in-house marketers @ low budget.



  • 10000 Results per day
  • 3000 reports per day
  • 3 projects can be created


For SMB and Growing Marketing Agencies with Pro Features.



  • Check Historical data
  • 5000 reports per day
  • 30000 Results per day
  • 15 Projects Can Be Created


For Agencies, E-commerce projects and Business with an extensive web presence.



  • Check Historical data
  • 50000 Results per day
  • 10000 reports per day
  • 25 Projects Can Be Created

SEMrush Plans AND pricing

SEMrush has some of the most flexible pricing plans to ensure you get the perfect fit that changes with your business, even if you are just starting.

Different plans come with different features, and the best part is you can also try the expensive plans for a trial period of 7 days with a money-back guarantee except for the business plan.

There are some additional benefits if you take yearly plans, including two free months. Let us have a look at the three main pricing plans.

1. Pro

Standing at $99.95 monthly, this has been built if you are starting, freelancers, or you with a shoestring budget. You get up to 40 marketing tools to run your PPC, SEO, and SMM. You also get your competitor’s traffic, research, rankings, and social media results.

2. Guru

Standing at $199.95 monthly, this is built for the marketing professional looking for more than the pro plan with additional benefits of SBM and growing enterprise and agencies. With the pro tools, you also get comprehensive reports, historical data, marketing platform with extended limits.

3. Business

Standing at $399.95 monthly, this is perfect for those e-commerce websites and those enterprises that are well established with a large scale business model. These businesses also need a widespread web presence with more complex features, so this plan includes all Guru features with API access.

About SEMrush

If you are looking to optimize your website and have the upper hand and be on top of your competitors, then SEMrush is the perfect option. Considering how they can boast of over 5 million users who trust their services, this is one of the highest-rated and popular choices in the market currently.

SEMrush Black Friday

Whether you are looking for an SEO toolkit, PPC, social media strategies, targeted content marketing, or competitor’s market research, SEMrush has got you covered. It is used explicitly by marketing professionals from eCommerce websites, enterprises, agencies, or competitive digital analysis.

If you want to boost your product or website and improve performance using legitimate strategies, this toolkit comes with every imaginable marketing need that you could think of and more.

Features of SEMrush

Some of the main features include:

  • Newmarket analysis
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Audience insights
  • Investment research
  • Company website traffic
  • New markets and niches
  • Competitors marketing activities
  • Leads and prospects
  • Investment opportunities
  • Product listing ads
  • Competitors product listings
  • Long-tail keywords
  • SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Phrase matches
  • Multilingual and multinational
  • Geolocation spotting
  • Backlinks types
  • Deep-link analysis
  • Domains authority
  • Analyze display ads
  • Target the right audience
  • Find new publishers
  • Best competitors keywords
  • New competitors
  • Domain changes
  • Monitor landing pages
  • Make ad campaigns more local
  • Discover more google ads

SEMrush Review

Overall, this is a solid tool to have in your arsenal. You do not need to be a professional to understand how it works with its straightforward user interface. It lists out all the benefits and tools you can use and how to use them.

Although this is an investment, you can always try it during the discount period as you are bound to get hooked on to its services. Now coming to the stream of research data, what SEMrush provides is a lot.

You get everything from in-depth domain analysis to link building laid out systematically for you to understand and prioritize accordingly. As mentioned earlier, the site inspection that we often avoided due to its complex nature is logically explained to boost the SEO performance quickly.

SEMrush Black Friday

The PPC data is also accurate and very useful, especially with the steady flow of competitor reports it provides daily to give you the upper hand. The best feature of all is how accessible it is for tech and email support with prompt replies and multiple channels.

The one thing you do need to keep in mind is that all plans come with a single user account connected to the projects you have and the tools you use. Buying another user account is possible, but can get expensive, especially since it is a monthly payment.

Besides this, you have a tool that provides you with accurate site traffic details and useful research to boost traffic in general with a straightforward trial and money back policy.

Why choose SEMrush?

Some of the major benefits you can enjoy are:

1. A step ahead

You are wondering how to stay ahead in the game by spying on your competitor’s strategies? It has never been easier than this. All you need to do is make a list of all the competitors in the market, and using their powerful tools.

You will know what keywords your competitors are using in addition to the ones that drive the most traffic and perform the best. If you prefer a backlink analysis, you have tools that give you a comprehensive plan for the search engines.

2. The right keyword
SEMrush Black Friday

The internet is riddled with miscellaneous information that is of no use to your business. Finding the right keyword is a major part of how the layman founds your company.

You will not get this by just jamming random keywords as it will do nothing to driving traffic. The simplest way is to use SEMrush to give you a list of the best keywords you can use for your business.

Once you put in the URL of your website, it will list out the keywords. Again, do not use them at once, but use them strategically as google analytics picks up targeted traffic a lot efficiently.

3. Site inspection

A full-fledged site inspection is essential to fix any bugs or other issues that may cause no traffic flow despite the right keywords.

Yes, many times, you can have everything in place, but if your website has SEO problems, then no amount of keywords or competitor analysis will help improve traffic.

This is where SEMrush comes in. It automatically scans your entire website and gives you all the issues that, once solved, will immediately boost your traffic and give you faster search engine results.

Other services offered
  • Stay ahead in the social media game with managing all your online profiles, launching advertising campaigns on each of them, analyzing other brand’s social media schemes, and plan images and posts regularly.
  • Combine team management with market research and customize your optimized SEO content that works best for your audience.
  • On the SEO front, you can quickly audit your strategy and other competitors and generate unlikely keywords that boost your presence.


  • Keyword search is organic.
  • Constant updates.
  • Handy tools.
  • Excellent tracking.
  • Good competitive research services.


  • Chrome extension could be better.
  • The features can get confusing.


In conclusion, let us simply end with the fact that 50% is a big enough discount for you to dip your foot into the world of digital marketing and staying ahead with brand strategies.

They also offer excellent support with any technical issues or if you need tailor-made plans for your business. They have a useful blog section that has many tips and tricks to get the best use of your plan.

If you want excellent results that are often recommended by SEO marketing experts, so you know it is worth the investment.

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