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Constant Contact Black Friday Deals Summary 

Email marketing is a powerful tool and the life of a sustainable business. In today’s time, many companies require a complete business solution, With Constant Contact Black Friday sale, you can get not only email marketing but also additional supports, website handling features, e-commerce features, and more.

With Constant Contact Black Friday sale, you can find all this at reasonable prices.

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Constant Contact is a unique and complete email marketing and e-commerce solution for all types of businesses. Whether you are a small industry or a widespread business. Constant Contact takes care of all your marketing, website, email, and e-commerce requirements.

Constant Contact Black Friday

People with personal websites, blogs, and online stores can avail the constant contact services. Constant Contact has powerful features of RSVPs, surveys, orders and inventory, apps, integrations, sign-up plans, and email automation for subscribers and customers.

Constant Contact Black Friday Discount

The discounts and pricing of constant Contact are made available on their website during Black Friday sales. During the Constant Contact Black Friday sale, some of the fantastic discounts offered by them include $15 off on products over $50, 25% off on the total purchase, 50% discount on 3 months of email marketing plans, 15 % discounts on the worldwide store, and more.



For small businesses and organizations looking to create professional emails, build customer relationships, and drive real results.

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Price based on number of contacts

Email Plus

For small businesses and organizations ready for even better results with automated emails and other powerful features that engage their audience.

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Price based on number of contacts

Constant Contact Black Friday Plans & features

This Constant Contact Black Friday, get striking deals on affordable prices from Constant Contact, and make the most out of email marketing and expand your business.

The significant difference between other email marketing solutions and Constant Contact is that it provides not only email but also marketing, website, and e-commerce solutions with additional support. Here is an elaboration of its most popular plans for all businesses.

1. Email monthly plan

With the Constant Contact monthly plan your marketing plans are divided into 4 segments of email, e-commerce, marketing, websites and additional support. Here is what you will be getting in this plan:


  • Email marketing for unlimited sends.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Branded or industry templates.
  • Tracking and reporting.
  • Automated email resending to non-openers.
  • Ecommerce marketing.
  • Subject line A/B Testing.


  • Sell unlimited products with 1.5 transaction fee.
  • Digital products and downloads.
  • Online payments with transactional emails.
  • Order, inventory and tax management and more.


  • Event management and marketing.
  • Landing pages.
  • Apps and integrations.
  • Sign-up plans.
  • Social posting and inbox management.
  • Facebook and Instagram add insights.

With so many features, the monthly pack is a complete kit for small businesses looking to create professional emails and build customer relationships.

2. Email plus management monthly plan

The difference between the email and email plus is a bunch of features. Apart from that, there are more powerful features that serve wholesome purpose and support to all things and solutions of email, marketing, and e-commerce. Here is what is included in the plan of email plus, apart from the existing features,


  • RSVP, surveys and polls.
  • Dynamic content.
  • Online donations and coupons.
  • Automated email with behavioural and welcome series.
  • Pop-up forms.
  • Advanced e-commerce management.


  • Sell unlimited products with 1.5 transaction fee.
  • Digital products and downloads.
  • Online payments with transactional emails.
  • Order, inventory and tax management and more.


  • Mobile responsive website.
  • Free hosting with unlimited storage.
  • Blog and connecting to a custom domain name.
  • SSL certificate and web analysis.


  • Learning resources.
  • Chat support.
  • Phone support.

How to get Constant Contact Black Friday deals?

These are the steps you need to follow to avail the offers and discounts on Constant Contact Black Friday sale,

  • Navigate to their official website of Constant Contact.
  • Choose from the monthly plans of email and email plus in the Black-Friday sale.
  • Discount will be applied automatically after clicking the link.
  • Fill in the information and complete sign-up process.
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • Activate your service.

Features of Constant Contact

1. Engaging templates

Get your hands-on, over the most attractive templates that can be customized, edited by you to get all the information in one place.

2. Reporting tools

Track your marketing efforts and customize them with a constant contact reporting tool, for measurable and fast results.

3. Image management

Constant Contact image management tools can add images to your emails with a lightweight library function. Add thousands of free images with this library for a perfect image.

4. Autoresponder

Autoresponder features sends an automatic newsletter to whoever signs up on your site. It sets up an easy series of emails that will be sent automatically over a designated period.

5. Social media integration

With a few clicks, you can share newsletters and latest updates from your site to your social media through social media integration. You can integrate campaigns to Facebook that helps in the growth of a business.

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact is software curated for bloggers, businesses and creators who need a solution for their email marketing and business control, marketing administration, website handling, e-commerce support, and more.

It was founded by Randy Parker in 2004, who has held many high-level roles, including CTO, president, and a member of their board of directors. It is efficient in marketing features, landing pages, e-commerce and adds on supports for all businesses.

Constant Contact Black Friday


  • Easy email-UI creation.
  • Customizable emails with images, buttons, and links.
  • It manages registrations, A/B testing’s, and surveys.
  • Variant email templates with chatbot support.
  • Free hosting’s and unlimited storage support.


  • True authentication factor is not provided.
  • Free trial does not include dependable features.

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Constant Contact is an ultimate solution for all bloggers, business, and brands, searching for an automated and easy-to-use email marketing tool that can expand their overall business.

With the help of Constant Contact Black Friday sale, build a reliable and strong customer relationship. Feel the difference yourself with Constant Contacts email marketing solutions and benefit from their Constant Contact Black Friday sales with exclusive prices and discounts.

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