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Comodo Black Friday Deals Summary 

Cybersecurity is one of the prime concerns for every individual who owns laptops, mobile devices, or PCs. With Comodo Black Friday deals, grab amazing discounts and best deals over cybersecurity solutions for PC, desktop, and mobile devices.

The Comodo Black Friday sale brings massive downfalls to the current prices of Comodo against all competitors.

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Cloud based Antivirus

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With advancing times, the malpractices of hacking, malware, virus have created a threat to cybersecurity and prone to data loss. In such a situation, a robust cybersecurity solution is not just a requirement, but a mandatory service that has to be installed in our digital devices.

With Comodo, security and safety go hand in hand. Comodo is a well-established cybersecurity system that offers its services towards providing 360-degree protection and eradicate data loss. It has many SSL certifications and S/MIME certification that proves authenticity and reliability. In the 2021 Comodo Black Friday sale get you Comodo antivirus with all the advance features in discount price.

Comodo Black Friday Discount

Comodo antivirus and cybersecurity offers and discounts as a part of their Comodo Black Friday sale. With PC protection, data safety, and mobile device security, every plan is available with amazing discounts and low prices than regular competitors.

Comodo antivirus is one of the most trusted security solutions globally. As a part of their Comodo Black Friday sale, Comodo has different deals running on them, where you can save up to 8% on their one-year plans and 14% on any five-year certificates.


COMODO Free Antivirus




  • Defense+ Technology.
  • Auto Containment Technology.
  • Cloud based Antivirus.
  • Spyware Scanning.
COMODO Complete Antivirus



For 1 device


  • All features in free plan.
  • Secure Shopping.
  • Award Winning Firewall.
  • Web Filtering.

Special Features

  • Unlimited Product Support.
  • $500 Virus-Free Warranty.
  • 50gb Online Storage & Backup.
  • 10GB TrustConnect WiFi Security.

Comodo Black Friday Plans & features

Some of the significant programs and antivirus solutions offered by Comodo cybersecurity are elaborated in the following points. Comodo has security plans for the internet, mobile devices and websites.

1. Comodo Complete Antivirus 1-year plan

Against all the other antivirus solutions, Comodo has the lowest antivirus solution plan for an entire year. Some of the benefits to grab in this plan are,

  • Zero trust.
  • On-demand scan.
  • On-access scans and boot-time scans.
  • Heuristics.
  • Cloud AV.
  • Firewall and sandbox.
  • IDS and IPS.
  • Email security and antispam.
  • Web and macro protection.
  • Live updates with 24/7 support.

2. Comodo antivirus for mobile

  • Theft protection.
  • VPN.
  • Safe browsing.
  • App lock.
  • Firewall and Wi-Fi security.
  • Vault security, SD card protection, and more.

Hence, with the Comodo antivirus solution, you get to protect your mobile devices in all areas on a latte price!

How to get Comodo Black Friday deals?

  • Go to the Comodo Black Friday site. Ensure that you choose the authentic link or else any other site can phish your information and be unsafe for you to browse. Go to the official site of Comodo and then choose the Black Friday deals option. 
  • Click up the sign-up button and then fill all your details. You are required to fill in with your user ID and password. A recommended password would be something that you easily remember, but it is hard to decipher. 
  • Pick up the Comodo Antivirus ultimate subscription from the plan and then complete the payment with the transaction details. You can pay for the transaction with the help of your DEBIT or CREDIT card, or even your PayPal account will work. 
  • Install the software and then run it into your system.

Features of Comodo

1. True security for online banking and firewalls

Perform secure shopping with Comodo, with backed online confidence. The technology isolates your browser inside a safe container that cannot be hacked, tracked, or viewed by malware or interest thieves.

Comodo Black Friday

2. Stay ahead of emerging threats

The sandbox technology automatically locks and stops unknown files in a secure environment while the Valkyrie system tests this malware's behavior in real-time protecting. This saves the system against malware and the virus that has not yet been even discovered!

3. Integrated firewall

With an integrated firewall, control what programs can access the internet and make your computer invisible to the hackers and protect your system against the inbound and outbound attacks.

About Comodo

Comodo antivirus with many premium security solutions, is a big name in the cybersecurity world. It protects data from malware, hackers, and unauthorized access to save your financial and personal information. 

Comodo Black Friday

Comodo security solution is headquartered Clifton, new jersey. The CEO of Comodo is Melih Abdulhayoglu, and it is a privately held company. Cybersecurity in today's time is of great concern, so it better to rely on Comodo security solutions.


  • Mitigates exposure to unwanted files and malware.
  • Using and management the antivirus is simple.
  • It is integrated with real-time assessment and updated malware reports.
  • It offers plans at affordable prices.


  • System stability can be improved.
  • Webcam protection is not provided.

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Malware arising from the internet can hold your system as a hostage and siphon money, or gather sensitive information about your computing habits and internet activity. 

Comodo cyber solutions are your one-stop security cell, where the data is of utmost importance, and its powerful features and antivirus firewall protects all your financial and personal data. Get your hands over an impactful security solution in Comodo Black Friday sale and protect your computer from threats.

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