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Avira Black Friday Deal Summary 

Avira anti-virus has premium offers and discounts as a part of their Black Friday sale. This year's Avira Black Friday sale offers some amazing deals on antivirus protection with major discounts, which are not available on regular days.

So if you are concerned about security, then the Avira anti-virus is there to protect you from all malicious attacks. Don't miss this opportunity to avail the discount offered on Avira Black Friday sale.

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Today the market is filled with variant antivirus solutions with all the requirements for your desktop and PC system; however, when it comes to their reliability and price, they touch the seventh sky. With Avira antivirus, you can protect your computer systems and get the best deals on their Black Friday sale.

Avira Black Friday

Avira antivirus pro is the simplest of all antivirus solutions for your Mac, PC, or mobile phones. The installer of Avira antivirus is tedious and follows a chain of steps to enable the kernel module and then enable full disk access. Thus, Avira ensures complete 360-degree protection to the computer systems at affordable prices.

Avira Black Friday Discount

Avira antivirus is one of the most reliable antivirus solutions globally. If you have been eagerly waiting for Avira Black Friday sale, this is the best time. As a part of their Black Friday sale, Avira has different coupons and deals running on them, where you can save up to 40% on the best antivirus solutions.







  • Blocks threats in real time & repairs files.
  • Safely shop, surf, and bank.
  • Blocks annoying ads.
  • Benefit from customer support.
  • Safeguards your privacy.







  • All the features in AVIRA ANTIVIRUS PRO.
  • Auto-generate and store passwords securely.
  • Protect your online accounts.
  • Fix your software flaws.
  • Automatically update your programs & drivers.






  • All the features in AVIRA INTERNET SECURITY.
  • Secures payments and credit cards.
  • Anonymize your web surfing.
  • Clean your PC & create extra storage space.
  • Install premium mobile apps.
  • Get free access to future products.

AVIRA Black Friday Plans & Pricing

1. Avira Antivirus PRO

This is the plan for those who are looking for basic features and safety browsing. The pricing is $44.99 for one device, $57.99 for three devices and around $70.99 for five devices. Here are the features for the following.

  • Helps to block threats in real life.
  • Safely shop and surf and even bank with no worries.
  • Blocks all the annoying ads as well. 

2. Avira Internet Security

This is another program for those who are looking for robust security. The cost is around $57.99 for one device, $70.99 for three devices and $83.99 for five devices. Here are the features associated with the same.

  • Auto generates your password.
  • Keeps you to manage and safely browse as well.
  • Protect all your online accounts. 

3. Avira Prime

It is the ultimate program for those who are looking to support their system with maximum support. $99.99 is for 5 devices and $129.99 is for unlimited devices. Here are the features:

  • Automatically update all your hardware and programs.
  • Keeps you safe from malicious contents on the internet.
  • Cleans your PC and keeps the extra storage. 

How to Get Avira Black Friday Deals?

  • You can grab the Avira antivirus in their black Friday sale season from the official website.
  • Go to the official website and then choose the pricing plan that you want.
  • Select a plan and then choose the buy option from there.
  • Now fill up the necessary details you need and then sign up.
  • Now install the software to your device and then sign in with your credential. 

Features of Avira Antivirus


1. Malware scan

Scan your system files of any suspicious virus activity, system hanging, or corrupt files issue. Once any such malware or virus is detected, it is blocked automatically. Hence your system remains protected against every trojan or ransomware after every scan.

2. Night vision

The automated intelligent technology installed in Avira antivirus learns automatically about newly updated threats and protects systems against them.

3. Pua shield

Pua shield technology is efficient in identifying hidden applications that are present on the system or within the software and blocking them automatically, thus saving the rest of the files.

4. Safe browsing

Even while you are online, busy browsing and downloading from the internet, Avira antivirus safe browsing feature blocks the unwanted and harmful websites, even before they load.

About Avira Antivirus

Avira antivirus is the most amazing and trusted antivirus and malware solution that has been developed in Germany. Its versatility is its greatest strength; hence Avira is fully equipped with all PC protection solutions like ransomware, spyware, safe browsing, hacking, phishing emails, and other threats.

Avira Black Friday

This antivirus has products related to business solutions, IOT services, cloud protection services, and server exchanges. Adding more to this you have SDK, API, email protection along with threat intelligence feed.


  • It runs in the background and does not interrupt system processing.
  • Real-time assessment with updated malware reports.
  • Offers plans with affordable prices.


  • Does not allow permissions to unidentified formats automatically, though they are system file.
  • Popups/ ads slower antivirus execution speed.

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If you are searching for an antivirus solution, which is automatic, and intelligent then the Avira antivirus solution is your best stop. With the Avira Black Friday offers antivirus solutions are available at the best prices with top-notch system protection. Hence protect your PC, desktops, or mobile systems from threats, malware, or virus with the best in class Avira antivirus protection.

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